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URBAN SWINGERS GOLF CLOTHING, la società di abbigliamento da golf per la nuova scuola di golfisti. Polo, t-shirt, cappelli, visiere, cinture. New York City.
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URBAN SWINGERS was built by a tightly knit group of people with a strong passion for golf and a solid background in clothing, skateboarding and snowboarding. Fed up with the state of golf clothing industry - run by big companies with little understanding of innovative style and with few provocative, stylish demands - we created a company based on personal conviction, a theme of common values and ideas; and dream, trust and honesty among equals.


The name URBAN SWINGERS symbolizes a group of individuals who stand out among stereotypical old-fashion golfers. Too often depicted as golf punks or unrespectable hustlers of golf tradition and values, URBAN SWINGERS is a family of good and competent people working toward the same ideal.


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URBAN SWINGERS is neither a skateboard nor a snowboard clothing company.URBAN SWINGERS is a golf street fashion company with its roots in skateboarding and snowboarding.